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Review of Plaine Products Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash

review of plaine products

This conversation has been sponsored by Plaine Products and contains PR samples. As always, all opinions are my own.

Our bathrooms are filled with products in plastic bottles that will eventually get tossed in the trash or recycling when we are finished with them. While recycling is certainly helpful, it is not a longterm solution since only about 5-10% of plastic is ever reused.… Continue Reading

How I Keep My Colored Curly Hair Healthy

Jill Stuart two toned pink and red gown, Natasha couture statement necklace

I put my hair through a lot of damage in order to achieve my signature shade of pink. When you have bleached or curly hair like I do, treating it carefully at home is just as important as how your hairdresser treats it at the salon. I’ve mentioned before how a bit over a year ago, I completely destroyed my hair.… Continue Reading

Heat-Free Waves in 10 Minutes

bebop navy blue romper, sugar white sampson sneaker flats

As you guys already probably know, I’m all about finding hair “hacks” that allow me to achieve quick and easy curls without the use of heat. A while ago, I wrote a post about using flexible curling rods (check it out here), but recently I’ve started using a faster method that I like even more.  … Continue Reading

Ask Me Anything!

prada saffiano vernice in royal, DVF silk mustard yellow sleeveless top, American Apparel Flamingo Print Pencil Pant, the peachbox silver metallic t-bar bangle, the peach box silver skinny roman empress bangle, forever21 brown leather platform sandals

Can you tell I am obsessed with florals lately? My pants are American Apparel (old), my top is DVF, my bracelets are The Peachbox, my shoes are Forever21, and my bag is Prada.

Today I’ve decided to do a post featuring questions asked by YOU! I collected questions yesterday on Instagram and am excited to now share my answers!… Continue Reading