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My Yoga Journey

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I began doing yoga when I was a recent college grad.  I needed a job and couldn’t find anything other than retail positions, so I decided I would try to work at lululemon.  Being a yogi greatly increases your chances of being hired there, so I started practicing simply so that I could get the job.  … Continue Reading

Healthy Habits

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Health and fitness have been a huge part of my life beginning when I was a teen, but since moving to LA I have become even more serious about it.  Clean and healthy food is so easy to find around here, plus the weather makes it pleasant to exercise outdoors pretty much any day of the year!… Continue Reading

Acure Organics Skin Review


Hi guys! I am awaiting my wedding day photos so unfortunately I will not be sharing those with you today. BUUUUT I’m super excited to review several of my favorite new skin care products by Acure Organics.  They completely transformed my skin and helped me to get wedding-ready! Acure products are all fair trade, natural and certified organic.  … Continue Reading