Summer Skincare For Oily Skin With L’BRI

L'Bri skincare review

This conversation has been sponsored by L’BRI and contains PR samples. As always, all opinions are my own.

Summer in the San Fernando Valley is blazing hot. We’re talking temperatures consistently over 100 degrees for weeks at a time…If we’re lucky, it can be in the 90s. If we aren’t so lucky, it can reach 110. Needless to say, this wreaks havoc on my skin! I have oily skin, and this sweaty weather clogs and enlarges my pores even more than usual. This time of year I focus on using skincare that combats oil, unclogs pores, and protects me from the sun. I recently discovered a cruelty free brand called L’BRI that covers all three of these bases and is a must-try if you have breakout-prone skin like I do!

L'Bri skincare review

L’BRI Oil-Free Moisturizer With SPF 32

This is such an awesome multi-tasking moisturizer. It provides the perfect amount of lightweight moisture to my oily skin and offers UVA and UVB protection. Dermatologists always say that you need at least SPF 32, but it’s SO hard to find protection that high that is not greasy! This product totally fits the bill. Once applied, it melts beautifully into my skin and does not clog my pores at all. It does have that classic sunscreen smell, but it fades away after the product soaks in.

L'Bri Mois

L’BRI Klear Away

If you’re like me and you find that most blemish treatments are way too harsh for your skin, Klear Away is a nice alternative. If I’m starting to get some pre-pimple bumps or super clogged pores popping up, I will apply a thin layer of this product over the whole area. It is strong enough to keep the acne from progressing, but not so strong that it will cause my skin to peel and flake. If I do have a full-fledged zit, I don’t find that this stuff is strong enough to zap it, so I use it on larger areas instead of as just a spot treatment.


L’BRI Facial Masque

This product is a major multitasker. It clears out pores, tones skin, and fights acne. It also advertises toning the muscles in your face and diminishing wrinkles, but I have not noticed these results yet since I’ve only used product a few times so far. When you apply the masque, it begins to feel tight as it dries. Once it’s totally dry, your face looks super taught and pulled back. It’s actually pretty entertaining! When I rinse it off, my skin looks so fresh, clear, and glowy. I think that it would be best for oily and combination skin because of how effectively it removes oil.


L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel

I love this peel! The product itself is bright orange and it smells like oranges too! After applying a thin layer of this peel to your face and letting it sit for a minute, you will see dead skin ball up and roll off as you rub with your fingers. It’s super satisfying and your skin looks so bright and fresh afterwards. I like that it is completely acid-free and instead uses natural fruit enzymes.


L’BRI Aloe Vera Barbadensis Jelly

This is the perfect super light moisturizer for my oily skin. It contains only pure aloe vera gel and select botanicals – simple and effective! This product has become my absolute go-to for evening moisturizing. I apply it every night after cleansing and toning. It feels so lightweight and refreshing. Aloe vera has healing properties so it is also excellent for acne, scars, sunburn, or otherwise irritated or inflamed skin.


Curious about L’BRI but not ready to commit to purchasing? They send out free samples so you can try before you buy! I love that! Visit this page to order some samples.

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