Happy New Year!


Hi loves, happy 2015!! Did you make any resolutions this year? I’m never one to make resolutions simply because I believe that resolving to make life goals and changes should not be limited to one day out of the year.  It always annoys me how packed the gym and yoga studios are in January and then they gradually empty back to the normal amount of people by spring.  … Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays, babes! This is my first holiday season in LA and I have been having a lot of trouble feeling festive without the cold snowy weather I am used to this time of year.  I’m not complaining because I love that I can still wear a sleeveless dress in December, but it just does not feel like Christmas to me! … Continue Reading

Mermaid hair


Hi friends! I’ve been more than a little restless with my hair lately incase you haven’t noticed.  about a month ago I experimented by changing my ombre from brown-to-blonde to brown-to-purple.  I loved it so much but it just wasn’t enough for me.  Then my BFF Kristen dyed hers lilac and it was SO gorgeous that I decided we just needed to be hair twinsies.  … Continue Reading

Hotel Bel-Air


I’m so excited! Apparently 7th time is the charm because I FINALLY found my perfect wedding venue: Hotel Bel-Air.  I know what you’re probably thinking: this girl must be rolling in it to be able to afford it there! But believe me…It is incredibly affordable.  It exudes old Hollywood glamour and is so deliciously lavish.  … Continue Reading

Day trip to Santa Barbara


Saturday I went on a little day trip to Santa Barbara with my fiancé Brian and my future in-laws.  We went to check out the Four Seasons as a potential wedding venue.  We took a tour and had lunch at the restaurant there.  I have to say, I wasn’t completely blown away like I thought I would be.  … Continue Reading