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Our Story

Meet Coryn "Coco" Nunez, the brains, and her giant schnauzer Rue, the paws behind Haus of Hounds! 🐾 Inspired by a mischievous puppy who turned valuable items into confetti, Coco's mission is to flip the script and transform your old treasures into cash-worthy gems.

Say goodbye to the snooze-worthy auctions and tag sales of yesteryear! Haus of Hounds is your modern-day resale maven, offering a paw-some range of end-to-end services for reselling your belongings, both online and on-site.

Our mission? To be the trailblazers in the resale management world, known for shaking things up with innovative approaches to auctions, tag sales, and estate sales.

We get it – downsizing, moving, or bidding farewell to a business can be a real headache. But fear not! Let us ease that stress by turning your old belongings into cold, hard cash. Ready to turn the page on the old and embrace the new? Let's chat! Book a consult with us today, and let the Haus of Hounds magic begin. 

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